We assist our clients through efficient compliance and effective planning to help them realize substantial savings.  We use a collaborative approach which ensures that our clients receive the most experienced technical expertise we have to offer.

We offer the following tax services:

Tax Return Compliance

Our staff’s high-level of technical expertise allow us to ensure tax returns are prepared with awareness of industry-specific issues.

Transactional Structuring

We help businesses structure economic transactions in ways that minimize tax impact.

Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies

We have proven cost segregation strategies that can be used to accelerate real estate tax depreciation deductions for businesses.  This results in a deferral of taxes which in turn increases cash flow.  We separate the costs of property from the building, land acquisition or construction costs.  This benefits your business because the property has a shorter useful life for depreciation purposes when it stands on its own than when it is combined with the longer-lived building or land.

Tax Credit Advising

We can help your business determine if it is eligible to claim certain federal and state tax credits, assist with documentation requirements, quantify tax credit awards, and evaluate the impact of a tax credit on your business.